Pedro Lozano Gomez


Original choreography on the Grand Rapids Ballet
Premiered on March 28, 2014


Pedro Lozano Gomez is a choreographer and dancer from Barcelona. Moved by a passion to interpret and create at a very young age, Pedro’s first performers were held in his living room at the age of 5. Pedro began studying dance professionally at the age of 13 and was invited, in 1999, as a guest dancer for the production of that Nutcracker Ballet de Zaragoza, Spain. After winning first prize at the dance competition of Ciudad de Castellon, Pedro left Spain at the age of 19 to move to Paris and begin his professional career at the Jeune Ballet de France in 2001. He then began exploring more modern dance at the Nordharzerstadbuntheater in Germany where he worked for two years. In the hopes to remain polyvalent, both classical and modern, he accepted a contract at the Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse, France directed by Nanette Glushack where he spent four years dancing and creating works. In 2007, Pedro joined the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium where he worked under the direction of Kathryn Bennetts until 2013. Pedro then decided to focus on his creations, signing choreographies in Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the United States.