Cassidy Isaacson

Company Member since 2013
Apprentice 2012
Trainee 2011
Grand Rapids Ballet School Summer Intensive 2011

Cassidy Isaacson began her ballet training at the age of 4 in her hometown of Redmond, Washington. She trained at Pacific Northwest Ballet (2002-2008) under the direction of Abbie Siegel, Meg Potter, Marisa Albee, Timothy Lynch, Elaine Bauer, and Eva Stone. She then went on to train privately with Deborah Hadley (2007-2011) in Bellevue, Washington. She spent summers training at the Pacific Northwest Ballet (2003- 2009) and Long Beach Ballet in China (2010), Julliard Summer Intensive (2011) in New York as well as Grand Rapids Ballet Summer Intensive (2011).

Cassidy joined Grand Rapids Ballet in 2011 as a trainee and is now a full company member. She performed at the Grand Rapids Art Prize awards ceremony in 2012. Cassidy also performed a piece by Marisa Hayes’ pas de deux Natural Phenomena: Nina Simone Suite with her partner Cao Chi Thanh of Hanoi Dance Theater in Paris (2012) and in Vietnam (2013). Cassidy performed in the Van Andel Arena for LiveArts in 2015.

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Whom do you most admire and why?

What excites you creatively?

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