Israel Garcia Chenge

Apprentice since 2018

Born in Mexico, Israel began his ballet training when he was seventeen years old at Fomento Artístico cordobés – PROVER with Adria Luz Velázquez and Martha Sahagún in Córdoba, Veracruz. In 2010, he continued his training at the Orlando Ballet School with a full scholarship under the direction of Dierdre Miles Burger and was coached by Olivier Munoz and Kim Marsh. During his two years as a trainee he participated in different productions with the school and with the main company and he competed at the “75th annual American Dance Competition” where he received and outstanding award and placed the top 12 in classical and contemporary.

Israel joined the Milwaukee Ballet II in 2012 where he performed ballets including “Majisimo”, “Cipollino”, “Paquita” and did works such as Balanchine’s Who Cares?, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Aubade by Michael Pink and many more. In 2013, Israel had the honor of being invited to perform as a guest artist at the Youth America Grand Prix gala “Stars of today meet the starts of tomorrow” in Mexico. In 2014 he joined the Joffrey Ballet studio company in Chicago, IL, performing a variety of classical and contemporary roles and was featured in works by Jennifer Archibald, Stephanie Martinez, Christian Denice and Mariana Oliveira. Israel has attended summer programs with Houston Ballet School, Joffrey Ballet Academy of dance, Orlando Ballet School and National Ballet School of Cuba.

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Whom do you most admire and why?

There are many people I admire but my mom is the person I admire the most. She is my role model teaching me perseverance and how to fight for what you want no matter what the situation.

What excites you creatively?

Working with new choreographers and teachers. Also writing, listening to music, and teaching ballet.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?  

I would love to study Biology or major with a degree involving environmental science and preservation of nature.

What is the best piece of dance advice you’ve ever received?

To breathe and to ‘listen’ to your body.

What are your favorite roles?

Prince, Chinese, Russian, The Nutcracker, choreography by Alexei Kremnev
Blue Bird Pas de deux, Sleeping Beauty, choreography by Alexei Kremnev
Our North, choreography by Jennifer Archibald
Urgence, choreography by Christian Denice
Aubade, choreography by Michael Pink
Cipollino, choreography by The Adventures of Cipollino
Who Cares?, choreography by George Balanchine