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All in the Family: ‘Nutcracker’ includes sibling youth dancers from Kentwood

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When the annual run of the Grand Rapids Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” hits the stage Friday, Dec. 9, it will include staring rolls by the company’s professional dancers and, as always, often a stage full of youth dancers.

Again this year, Kentwood sisters Grace and Micah Jones will be among those lending their talents to the production a part of the ballet’s youth dance program — one sister because she sees dance as a possible future career and the other because it is just “so much fun.”

The classic family holiday tradition returns to DeVos Performance Hall for two weekends — Dec. 9-11 and Dec. 16-18 —  with four evening shows and four matinees. Live orchestra music is provided by Grand Rapids Symphony.

Grace, a 16-year-old junior at Grand River Preparatory High School, has been dancing at Grand Rapids Ballet for 11 years and has been a member of the Junior Company since its inception. This year will be her 8th Nutcracker appearance.

Grace Jones

“I started dancing when I was 2, my parents saw that I loved movement and loved dancing,” Grace said last week, prior to a rehearsal. “My parents saw I needed something to get my energy out so they said ‘Let’s put her into dance.’ I really didn’t get into ballet right away. I was into jazz and tap and hip hop, but at about 5, I went into ballet because I loved the movement.”

She also loved The Nutcracker, thanks to her father, Ronald.

“I remember going to The Nutcracker every year, when I was younger,” she said. “My dad would take me every year, starting at 4 and then every year until I was 8, when I got to be in it for the first time.”

Seven productions later, she is still excited about the annual holiday production.

“I have always loved being in front of the audience,” Grace said. “I love sharing, I love exposing the audience to something new. For me, when I first watched it, it was so beautiful, to watch those beautiful dancers, the beautiful colors and costumes and shapes they make on the stage. I said ‘Wow. I want to do that.’ … Now I want to give some other girl that feeling, the feeling I felt when I was younger.”

According to her mother, Sandra, Grace hopes to dance in college while pursuing professional opportunities. But she sees dance as a means to other career paths as well.

“I love teaching, maybe teaching dance, “ Grace said. “I would love to show others the joy I found in dance.”

One of the people she has shown the love of dance to is her sister.

Micah, age 13 and a 7th grader at Cross Creek Charter Academy, says music is her first love — she has been playing the piano for 8 years, and her mother says she has talked about assisting with her college expenses by playing piano for ballet companies.

Micah Jones

But Micah has been with working with the Grand Rapids Ballet youth program for four years and will be in the Nutcracker for the third year.

“I saw saw my sister, and other people, in dance and it looked so fun,” Micah said, explaining why she wanted to dance. “It is so free, you get to move how you want to move.”

She also said she receives plenty of advice and encouragement from her older sister.

“Since she is such a good dancer, she really helps me when I need help, with technique or how I am supposed to move,” Micah said.

And as far as her first time in front of the usually large crowds watching the Nutcracker, any advice from her older sister?

“She told me not to think of the crowd, just remember your choreography, remember what you are there to do.”

While the two sisters will be dancing different rolls this season, the thing they have in common is an affinity for the famous battle scene. “It is a giant battle scene,” Grace points out, while Micah simply says the scene is “so much fun.”

Anybody who has seen the production knows what they are talking about; those how haven’t have two weekends worth of opportunity.

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