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Adult Ballet Classes: The Grand Rapids Ballet offers ballet classes for those with or without experience. Our members got an introduction to those classes Tuesday night—and left inspired, exhilarated, and well… wobbly.

cultured.GR members had an introductory ballet class with the Grand Rapids Ballet School Director & Junior Company Artistic Director, Attila Mosolygo. Image credit Eric Bouwens.

Along with classes for adorable little kids at the Grand Rapids Ballet (GRB), there are also adult ballet classes on offer, whether you have any experience in ballet or not. Classes are held on a weekly basis, and the first class is free for those interested in trying it out. At just $15 per class and even less when purchasing a 10-class punch card, the price is comparable to other exercise classes like yoga or aerobics, and doesn’t require special equipment to participate. All that’s needed are comfortable clothes to move in and a pair of socks.

All images credit Eric Bouwens.

Our cultured.GR members were invited to a special introductory ballet class just for us, with the school director Attila Mosolygo guiding us through what we would experience in a regular class, from bar exercises to jumps to stretches.

Mosolygo, who has been with GRB for 25 years, doesn’t normally teach these classes, so it was a very special introduction. “When I started with the Grand Rapids Ballet, we had six dancers in the company,” Mosolygo revealed, showing just how much the organization has grown over the years. The company now includes over 30 dancers, apprentices, and trainees.

We found out after the class that cultured.GR member Victoria Upton had spent her morning receiving chemo. Image credit Eric Bouwens.
Paula Manni (directly behind Attila Mosolygo) was one member who had taken ballet as a child and is now inspired to get back into it. Image courtesy Johannah Jelks.
cultured.GR member Erica Monroe

Some of our members had grown up doing ballet, and others had not taken a single dance class in their lives. Whatever the experience level, the ballet class proved to be an incredibly strenuous—and incredibly peaceful and inspiring—experience. This is no easy sport. This is perhaps the most serious workout that many of us had ever experienced. Mosolygo explained to our group that both boxers and football players are known for taking ballet for the benefits it brings to them for both protecting against injury and improving their abilities in their primary sport.

We don’t think anyone in our group sustained any injuries either (we’ll let you know in the morning), though jokes were made about the difficulty in walking at a fast pace, navigating steps, and just plain standing up without buckling.

All the same, many of us are excited to come back for more now that we’ve had a taste of what’s available for adults at Grand Rapids Ballet.

Grand Rapids Ballet Adult Classes

341 Ellsworth Ave SW, Downtown Grand Rapids
Intermediate (2–3 years of prior ballet experience recommended)
● Tuesdays, 6:30–7:45 p.m.
● Wednesdays, 6:30–7:45 p.m.
● Thursdays, 6:30–7:45 p.m.
• Per class: $15 (first class is FREE)
• 10-class punch card : $130 (save $20)
• Discounted prices for students, seniors, and season ticket holders.

Classes begin August 22
Information about classes available online.

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