Nigel Tau

Company Member since 2016
Apprentice 2015

Nigel began dancing at age 10 with The Academy of Dance in his home town of Savannah, Georgia. In 2013, he became a trainee with Next Generation Ballet, and performed in the school’s own productions as well as with Opera Tampa and the Florida Orchestra.

He went on to train with BalletMet on a full scholarship, where he performed and rehearsed alongside the company in shows such as The Great Gatsby and The Nutcracker.

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 Whom do you most admire and why?

It’s hard to pick any one person. I admire different people for different things, and nobody’s perfect. Generally speaking though, anyone whose character rivals their skill or dedication to their work is admirable. When I get to know someone who I’ve seen do amazing things, and it turns out they’re also just lovely to be around, I can’t help but appreciate the fact that they exist.

What excites you creatively?

When someone can take a basic concept and put a novel spin on it, or when I can find meaning or a story in a particular song or character. Those things are always a lot of fun, and generally lend the work a lot more weight.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?

Marine biology? Nursing? I’m not sure. Something were I can help people or animals while continuing to learn. I’m open to many things.

What is the best piece of dance advice you’ve ever received?

Never ignore a correction. I had the hardest time accepting contradictory information as a kid. If one teacher said one thing and the next said something else, I’d usually question the second teacher – until I had one particular teacher tell me to take in everything, however different, however wrong it may seem at the time, and keep it in my back pocket. That way, you’re ready for anything, and also much more open to learning and trying new things.

What are your favorite roles? 

Butler Carson, Dangerous Liaisons, choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa (2016)

Robert Ross, The Happy Prince and Other Wilde Tales, choreography by Penny Saunders (2018)

Sam, Sam’s Key, choreography by Danielle Rowe (2018)