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Grand Rapids Ballet School Junior Company presents Aladdin


March 13-15 & 21-22
Peter Martin Wege Theatre

Based on the folktale from the book One Thousand and One Nights and choreographed by Director Attila Mosolygo, Grand Rapids Ballet School Junior Company presents Aladdin.

Aladdin is an impoverished young boy living in the city of Agrabah. He falls in love with a beautiful princess named Jasmine when he sees her shopping on the busy, crowded streets of the bustling city. He is recruited by a Sorcerer who passes himself off as a merchant to retrieve an old oil lamp from a cave in exchange for gold. Thinking he could impress the princess with his treasure, Aladdin agrees.

Before heading out on his dangerous quest, the Sorcerer presents him a very special ring — one which holds a genie who can only be released by those with a kind heart like Aladdin’s. The genie then leads Aladdin to the oil lamp which is guarded by a fierce dragon on which the genie places a sleeping spell so Aladdin can complete his task.  When Aladdin rubs the oil lamp, he unlocks a more powerful genie who is bound to do the bidding of the person who released him. With the aid of this genie, Aladdin wishes to be rich with the hope of winning Princess Jasmine’s heart.

The Sorcerer hears of Aladdin’s good fortune and, dressed in disguise, tricks his mother, who is unaware the lamp is magical, to trade it for a new one.  With the oil lamp now in his possession, the Sorcerer is filled with greed and orders the genie to take away Aladdin’s riches.  Aladdin now realizes how that power can be misused, and decides to challenge the Sorcerer to take back the oil lamp and return it to the cave where it belongs.

But now poor and powerless, will Aladdin and Jasmine live happily ever?

Aladdin Tickets

Single tickets are now available online below or by calling Kelly at our box office at 616.454.4771 x10 today!