Production Stage Manager

Build and maintain an effective technical team to keep production standards high. Responsible for generating and maintaining, along with the Artistic Director, production budgets. Call all score and movement-based cues for performances, both at home and on tour. Manage all transportation, storage, rental, and labor needs for all productions at home and on tour (helpful).

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Artistic Administration: Generate detailed production paperwork for all GRB productions. This includes, but is not limited to, running paperwork for Wardrobe, Props, Rail, Spots, Deck Electricians, and Deck Carpenters. Paperwork should be updated continually and redistributed throughout the process.
2. Manage all technical aspects of GRB productions, including lighting, sets, and crew (helpful)
3. Manage rentals of production elements from outside vendors, including lighting packages, costumes, and sets (helpful)
4. Manage rentals of Grand Rapids Ballet productions to other entities. (helpful)
5. Artistic Direction: Provide support and assistance to visiting choreographers, designers, and resident artistic staff.
6. Build constructive and supportive relationships with the technical team, create an environment that is conducive to creative governance and productive meetings; works with choreographers on helping their vision come to the stage.
7. Provides leadership, guidance and support to the technical team ensuring good management practices; resolves personnel issues; fosters healthy working relationships between crew, dancers and artistic leadership; ensures team work and collaboration.
8. Attend and participate in technical cueing sessions and scene change rehearsals in the theater with designers and staff
9. Ensure the archival video library, equipment and checkout system is monitored and kept current.
10. Maintains stock of rehearsal/performance supplies and materials, i.e. music, spike tape, flashlights, first aid supplies, etc

Non-Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Other duties as assigned.

Supervision Received:

General Direction: Plans and arranges own work. Uses a wide range of procedures to accomplish assigned objectives.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Advanced supervision: Determine work assignments, priorities, and procedures for subordinates. Responsible for assigning, scheduling, and ensuring the quality and quantity of work. Approves time off and schedule adjustments. Provides training and coaching.

Education & Experience:

  1. High School diploma and Bachelor of Arts degree (Performing Arts)
  2. 4-5 years professional theater experience in a similar position.
  3. Driver’s License, preferably a chauffer’s license, and have access to a vehicle for transportation to and from business-related events.
  4. Ability to drive a large vehicle and up to a 26’ truck.

Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  1. Ability to read music.
  2. Know basic dance vocabulary. Basic knowledge of dance is helpful
  3. Advanced knowledge of Theatrical Productions, technical as well as performance.
  4. Excellent communication skills – written, oral, and visual. Ability to effectively interact with a diverse range of personalities.
  5. Understanding of ETC Light boards, QLab, Word, Excel, and some Photoshop helpful.
  6. Ability to make the best decision for all aspects of production in time-sensitive situations. Objectively evaluates alternatives. Consistently select the alternative which most effectively achieves objectives.
  7. Is willing to make decisions; is willing to be held accountable for the results of decisions. Is able to perceive and diagnose the symptoms of problems; is able to clearly identify and define problems.
  8. Ability to work long hours and work with a flexible schedule.
  9. Must possess sufficient strength and stamina to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.Must be able to perform physical activities such as, but not limited to, lifting, bending, standing, climbing, and/or walking.
  10. Ability to work safely in an environment containing potentially hazardous electrical equipment, fumes, and/or materials. Must be willing to travel and work at various sites. May have to work at heights, around moving machinery, and with exposure to noise, vibration, and dust.

Core Competencies:

  1. Management: Ability to achieve desired outcomes by organizing individuals and setting goals and priorities to deliver results.
  2. Organized: Ability to be structured and methodical in working skills, balancing multiple projects, and prioritizing.
  3. Decision Making: Ability to select an effective course of action by understanding issues, comparing solutions, and drawing conclusions to resolve problems.
  4. Problem Solving: Ability to recognize courses of action that can be taken to handle problems or potential problems, and applying contingency plans to solve those problems. Creatively finding the solution while managing multiple priorities under stressful situations.
  5. Safety Awareness: Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety and uphold safety standards outlined by safety management.
  6. Patience: Ability to display good-natured tolerance of delay or adversity, and not being hasty when acting under strain.
  7. Interpersonal: Able to disseminate information to staff and design team in a clear manner
  8. Project Management: Ability to demonstrate an understanding of planning, organizing, delegation, staffing, directing, and controlling work tasks.
  9. Self Motivated: Ability to reach a goal or perform a task with little supervision or direction.

 Please see the full job description for complete details. 

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to Glenn Del Vecchio at glennd@grballet.com.

Costume Shop Cutter / Stitcher

Grand Rapids Ballet is seeking an experienced, efficient, and versatile Cutter/Stitcher. History of
working in professional costume shops, commercial garment manufacturing settings or
experience fabricating costumes for dance is preferred. The ideal candidate for this 20-25 hour
per week position will engage in all aspects of construction, alteration, and maintenance of
costumes for men and women. The candidate will demonstrate expertise in cutting, working with
patterns, hand and machine sewing techniques, constructing and trimming garments made of
various materials including stretch fabrics, and altering stock or rented costumes. The candidate
will also participate in restocking and organizing inventory and maintaining costumes during
rehearsals and performances.

Wage: $15 per hour with possible increase based on experience. This is a 38-week contract, beginning in August 2021.

To Apply:

Please send a cover letter and updated resume to Ronald Altman, Costume Shop Manager at

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