Discovering Midsummer in Grand Rapids

1381683_10151754916879735_3629462_n1Let’s take a peek at what Olivier has been concocting in Grand Rapids. The piece now being choreographed for GRB is ballet for the 21st century. In it, Olivier pares down the narrative even further, explores unresolved tensions between Oberon and Titania, and radically strips away the usual green-and-mossy-bower setting in favor of a totally white stage, with all the characters clothed in white except the mortal lovers and (to some extent) Bottom.

But lest you fear that with the departure of decoration, magic too will flee, let me hasten to note that the colors to be employed will make vivid and dramatic contrast to the background, while otherworldly lighting effects will be conjured up by that wizard of the illuminated stage, Michael Mazzola.

By Victoria Farr
Read the story at Whim W’Him | Published: October 1, 2013

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