Grand Rapids Ballet’s mission is to lift the human spirit through the art of dance by providing: exceptional and diverse programming; high quality dance education; outreach to inspire and enrich the community; family-friendly programming, including newly commissioned works; and a sound financial condition that provides a stable viable future and enables growth and assists our staff and dancers in achieving their quality of life goals.

For over four decades the Grand Rapids Ballet has gone beyond ballet with the support of individuals and corporations who see the immense value the company provides to Michigan and its residents. Serving more the 60,000 children and adults each year, we are Michigan’s only professional ballet company. While we take pride in what we do, we could not do it without the generosity and support of donors like you.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Have you ever wondered how your donation to Grand Rapids Ballet is helping to boost our local economy and bring new residents to our city? We asked Company Dancer, Connie Flachs, to share with us her thoughts on what makes Grand Rapids and the Ballet such an important staple in our community.

Connie recognizes that the arts are well developed in our city. “I truly enjoy the sense of community and pride that exists within Grand Rapids. The entire city is working together to build, to instill life, and to rejuvenate the local economy. We are lucky to have a symphony, opera, ballet and more in our community. We need that diversity to keep alive a vibrant community.”

“I feel that the growth of Grand Rapids Ballet parallels the growth of Grand Rapids itself. Both are on a trajectory towards great things and I find it immensely exciting to be a part of that.”

Connie Flachs

Why does Connie support the arts?
“There are so many important causes in the world. The arts may not have the same direct effect as organizations that provide those in need with housing, food, or a new life path. However, the arts create beauty and generate ideas that make fighting all the hard fights worthwhile. They exist to create dissonance – to challenge the viewer and ask the audience to reassess opinions they hold dear. They exist to create relief – to offer an escape from the mundane into the fantastical. Their impact may not be tangible, but the arts infuse interest, meaning and inspiration into daily life. What better reason to give?”

Contact Developement Director Mark Warner at (616)454-4771 ext. 11 or markw(at) to make a gift over the phone or discuss special donation options and opportunities.

Your Support Makes a Difference