Grand Rapids Ballet

Sustaining the Ballet Fundraising Initiative

Grand Rapids Ballet is Michigan’s only professional ballet company and it is our mission as a non-profit organization to lift the human spirit through the art of dance.  In our 48-year history, that mission could not be more poignant than today. We have cancelled the remainder of our 2019-2020 season and the Grand Rapids Ballet School year, but we are continuing to bring art and beauty into the lives of the people of Grand Rapids and Michigan.

We are…

  • • releasing exclusive videos of performances and other Grand Rapids Ballet related content to our mailing list
  • • curating Virtual Programs with archival videos as well as newly created work that has been rehearsed and filmed remotely (Program II is June 12)
  • • continuing to teach our students with remote ballet instruction
  • • participating in community events such as the Virtual Arts Festival (June 5-6)
  • • planning for an evolution of what live performances and ballet instruction will look like in the foreseeable future
  • • keeping a minimum of operations with reduced staff, while cutting expenses by approximately 75%

We have committed to staying present during this time, but we need your help to close our budget gap and build a bridge to the future.

To that end, Grand Rapids Ballet has begun a “Sustaining the Ballet” fundraising initiative to carry the organization through this challenging time.  The money raised will help us offset the losses incurred, keep employee health benefits intact, and ensure our return to the stage where we belong.

If you have been touched by Grand Rapids Ballet in some way, be it through a performance from our professional company or junior company, a student in our school, an adult dance class, a youth outreach program, a free public performance, or one of our Moving with Parkinson’s programs, you know that we care about what we do and the impact we have on our community. Please consider making a donation to ensure that we are able to continue to bring the joy of ballet and art to West Michigan and beyond.

Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time.  Please help us spread the word about who we are and our mission to bring art to our community.  We are eager to return to the studio and the stage, and when we do, we hope you will be with us.

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